Munich R&B-Pop Artist And Producer DEVADO Unveils ‘The Little Things’ Music Video


DEVADO, an R&B pop singer, songwriter, and producer, has developed a unique style for her own productions that stands out by relying solely on her vocals and body percussion for the entirety of the recordings.

With her voice and other sounds, she’s constructed a one-of-a-kind sample library that she expertly converts into synthesisers, bass, beats, and more. Her creativity knows no bounds, which is why we get to hear a new song from her at her home studio every six to eight weeks.

When we think of the individuals who mean the most to us, it is rarely the “big things” that spring to mind or characterise the person we care about. It’s the simple things that count – their facial expressions, scents, smiles, and movements. DEVADO’s new song “The Little Things” is about exactly that!

She has also made a music video with hilarious VHS memories of her youth to capture how she felt while creating the song, giving us a very personal look at what formed the artist as she grew up.

Munich-based Debby van Dooren goes by the moniker DEVADO. The German-American writes, records, and produces all of her songs in her basement home studio, earning her the stripes of a “DIY artist. Timbaland, Pharrell, and Jon Bellion have all had a significant impact on the auditory picture of her work.

The artist is continually composing and recording new songs, which we will hear every six to eight weeks, so be sure to follow her on Spotify and other streaming services so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Watch the video for “The Little Things” here:


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