Must-Have Coats For Autumn 2017 | Fashion News


Autumn is shortly approaching, meaning we have to sadly say goodbye to our bikinis, shorts and crop tops and welcome in jumpers, jeans and fluffy coats. It seems this year that certain coats will prove to be more popular than others. After the couture week in Paris last month, it was obvious that certain styles, patterns and colours were cropping up more and more.





Trench coats are very popular for 2017, the most recent sighting was Rihanna rocking the style when shooting her LOYATY music video alongside Kendrick Lamar. Celine and Maison Margiela have also incorporated the look into their collections.


Shearling is also a huge trend, whether you choose to wear it subtly or be bold and extravagant with it. It’s been proven to be widely popular. Much like last year, Puffa Jackets are still very much on the scene. The cosy design is always a popular go to as the material promising warmth and comfort throughout the colder months.





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