‘Muvhango’ Is Trending – Why Are Fans In Mourning? | TV News


OK African TV fans, confession time! Who has been sleeping on the TV dramas coming out of South Africa, especially one called Muvhango? Twitter is busy at the moment with ‘Muvhango’ chat, as fans lament over the recent heart-wrenching episodes. This subtitled South African series is full of the usual relationship/family/’Uncle Somebody’ drama, but its the past few episodes that are causing a stir.


Without giving too much away, fans are currently up in arms over the death of a significant and much loved character. Many are calling for the producers to bring the character back somehow, which in TV land isn’t an impossible task; after all they did it with Brian in Family Guy! If you enjoy watching Scandal (Africa Channel ‘Scandal’, not Kerry Washington ‘Scandal’), or Nollywood films or even Eastenders to be honest, then Muvhango is worth checking out online (try YouTube first). See the talked about episode below.




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