Mysterious French Rapper Werenoi Goes Gold With Debut Album ‘Carré’

The debut album Carré by enigmatic French rapper Werenoi, released on March 10, has recently been certified gold in France.

The Montreuil-based rapper initially made waves with the track “Guadalajara,” but it wasn’t until a month later that he truly caught the public’s attention. On March 3, 2021, he released “La League,” his biggest hit to date, which remains in the top 30 trending music videos on YouTube France.

Werenoi is the type of artist who emerges unexpectedly and quickly garners widespread acclaim. He maintains an air of mystery by avoiding the media; his music is the only means to get to know him.

Werenoi’s music has consistently produced hits, impressing listeners with his substantial numbers and accumulating millions of views on each video.

In June 2022, he released his first project, Telegram, named after the instant messaging app. The backstory for this choice involves several tracks from the project being leaked on the app, including the hit song “Solitaire.”

Whether this was a calculated move by his team or an actual leak remains uncertain, but everything seems to be progressing as planned.

In December 2021, Lacrim collaborated with Werenoi on his first significant feature, which helped solidify the rapper’s presence in the industry.

He has since worked with Rimkus, Dosseh, Maes, Tiakola, and PLK, eventually teaming up with one of the most successful artists, Ninho.

Their song, “3 Singes“, is not included on his debut album Carré, but another equally impressive track, “Ciao“, is.

Werenoi is scheduled to perform at Paris Zenith on September 23rd, and tickets are expected to sell out quickly. We eagerly anticipate what he has in store for us next. Listen to the album below:


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