Naomie Harris In Talks To Play Villain Shriek In ‘Venom 2’ | Film News


The cogs of the Venom sequel are falling into place. With Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams already set to reprise their roles and Woody Harrelson on board as Carnage, the film has now added a second villain. Naomie Harris is reportedly in talks to play Shriek.


Shriek is described as a “dangerous and criminally insane villainess”. Like Venom, she’s a mutant of sorts, except she has the ability to manipulate sound. In comics lore, she’s the love interest of Cletus Kasady – aka Carnage, Harrelson’s character.


So expect Shriek and Carnage to team up at some point. It will be interesting to see what the film has learned from the mistakes of the first instalment. Yes, it made a hefty box office total, but reviews weren’t particularly kind. Hopefully they aren’t just throwing more villains at the problem.


Andy Serkis is taking over the director’s chair from Ruben Fleischer. Having only directed two feature films thus far, it’s a big step up. But he’s obviously got some incredible VFX experience, and has already assembled an impressive creative team which includes Once Upon A Time In Hollywood cinematographer Robert Richardson.


For Harris, this is a long overdue role. She’s always been a consummate pro but has never gotten many chances to shine in blockbusters outside of her brief forays as Moneypenny in the recent Bond films. She had a small role in Michael Mann‘s Miami Vice, and she also got an Oscar nomination for her supporting role in Moonlight a few years ago.


Hopefully Shriek can be the step in the ladder towards bigger and better roles for Harris. She also already has a working relationship with Serkis, having played the motion-capture character of Nisha in Mowgli. Venom 2 is expected to hit cinemas in October 2020.



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