Nashville Band Richlove Have Released Their Latest Single ‘Forever To Go’ | Music News


After six intense months spent writing and producing new music, the five-piece pop band Richlove have released their first single of 2020 “Forever To Go”, diving into the new year with the right energy.


Richlove is made of Riccardo Rad on drums and lead vocals, Adrian Zhang on guitar, Noemi Guinto on bass, Morgan Cruz on keyboard and vocals and Genevieve Laveau on vocals. But Richlove is more than just five fellow musicians, it’s a family, “a collection of friends”, as they said, sharing the goal of creating something special.


And the pop band currently based in Nashville have been really creating something special, releasing pop tracks with captivating melodies and meaningful lyrics, perfectly mixing their vocals and brilliant instrumentals.


In addition to their original works, Richlove have recently launched the YouTube series Campfire Sessions, sharing creative version of their favourite songs from artists such as Taylor Swift and The Band Camino.


Forever To Go”, now available on all the streaming platforms, is an inspiring love song reflecting the feelings of late night drives and the excitements of being young. Get in the right mood for an emotional car ride as you check this new song out!


Listen to it here:




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