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Natalie Erika JamesRelic was one of the best horror movies of 2020, and the director has quickly found her follow-up project. Staying in the genre realm, James will direct thriller Apartment 7A for Paramount Players.


John Krasinski and Allyson Seeger are producing via Sunday Night Productions, while Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will produce via Platinum Dunes. Plot details are unfortunately under wraps. All we know is that the movie is being described as a psychological thriller, and James is co-writing with Christian White based off a script by Skylar James.


Following the success of A Quiet Place, Krasinski, Bay, Fuller and Form began looking for other projects in a similar genre vein to develop, and Apartment 7A was a script that caught their eye. With A Quiet Place Part II complete, development on Apartment 7A picked up. With James attached, the hope is reportedly to move fast to get the film into production this year.


Relic was a hit at Sundance last year and lived up to its buzz, not being merely an eerie, distressing experience but also tackling themes like ageing, family and dementia. It was a really impressive debut for James, who should have a long career ahead of her.


Skylar James – no relation – who’s original Apartment 7A script caught the eye of the producers, is currently writing The Unsound at Netflix, while her screenplay 29 Mole Street landed atop the 2019 BloodList and Hit List, so we could see that enter production soon as well.



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