NAVII And Etta Zelmani Unite For New Single ‘Easy On Me’

Stockholm’s own NAVII has recently released his latest single, “Easy On Me“. This captivating track is a collaboration with renowned songwriter Etta Zelmani, known for her work with BTS, Don Diablo, and Galantis, and features her sensational vocals.

“Easy On Me” boasts a delicate blend of R&B, pop, and soul. The track opens with an old-school speech sample before bursting into life with NAVII’s vibrant vocals. A bouncing bassline complements the sharp drum line, as light synths swim in and out of the sonic landscape. The song explores themes of fear and falling in love, with NAVII and Etta’s dialogue delving deep into the feeling of falling but needing a gentle approach in the process.

Speaking about the creation process of “Easy On Me”, NAVII shares, “One day in the studio, while working on other songs, I played this beat idea for Etta. She got super excited and started bouncing ideas back and forth for what the song could be about. A taste of something delicate, sensitive, serious, and playful. Within an hour, we had created the structure of the song.”

NAVII, formerly known as Martin Masarov, is an artist, producer, and songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden. His musical journey took a transformative turn during a trip to his homeland, Bulgaria. Originally there to produce the country’s Eurovision entry, NAVII discovered the rich tradition of Bulgarian folk music, particularly the acapella singing in minor from the mountains, which profoundly influenced his new musical direction.

NAVII’s music is characterized by catchy melodies and silky smooth vocals, underpinned by heavy and engaging rhythms. While working as a songwriter and producer across varying genres, NAVII writes and produces every single part of his solo work himself.

Notably, his production and writing credits include Bulgarian vocal powerhouse VICTORIA, Swedish Idol winner Nadja Kasanesh, and R&B pioneer Simeon. Now stepping into the spotlight, NAVII’s genre-crossing style is rooted in pop, R&B, and soul, showcasing his versatility and musical craftsmanship.

For “Easy On Me”, NAVII also collaborated with Per Berglin (guitar) and David Lecander (bass), who offer their instrumental expertise to each track on NAVII’s upcoming EP majorminor.

“Easy On Me” is the third single from NAVII’s upcoming EP majorminor, set to be released this winter. NAVII expresses his excitement for this project, saying, “EASY ON ME was one of the last additions to the ‘majorminor’ EP, but it was the song that made the most sense to release at the start of this journey.”

Listen to this exceptional track “Easy On Me” and immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of NAVII and Etta Zelmani.


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