Troy Javelona Captivates Alt-R&B Scene With New EP ‘For You’

Rising alt-R&B star from South West England, Troy Javelona, continues to impress with the release of his new EP titled For You. Following the viral success of his catchy track “Go Away” Troy Javelona has been steadily releasing singles infused with his unique style. For You promises to make waves once again in the alt-R&B scene.

For You showcases Troy Javelona’s signature alternative R&B sound. Comprising six tracks, the EP is packed with dynamic guitar riffs, catchy hooks, and thick harmonies.

From the vibrant opener “Call Me” to the concluding slow jam “Letting Go”, Troy explores themes of navigating relationships, delving into the highs and lows of being in love. Entirely self-produced from his bedroom studio, this EP reflects the authenticity and sincerity of his personal experiences.

Speaking about the EP, Troy shares, “Creating this EP from my bedroom has allowed me to authentically explore my experiences and emotions. The bedroom is my safe space where I can truly be myself.”

Despite debuting just last year, Troy Javelona is quickly carving out his place in the alternative R&B scene. Originally from London, he relocated to Plymouth, bringing with him a rich musical heritage. Influenced by artists such as Tom Misch, Dominic Fyke, Steve Lacey, and alt-R&B legend Daniel Caesar, Troy’s fresh take on alt-R&B traditions has been making waves in the indie scene globally.

At just twenty-one years old, Troy has racked up over five million streams on Spotify. A viral TikTok featuring “Go Away” a track from his debut EP Love, catapulted the singer-songwriter into the public eye. The video currently boasts over 2 million views, a testament to the power of social media in unearthing great music and earning Troy Javelona a dedicated following.

Since stepping onto the music scene, Troy Javelona has consistently released singles that he dubs “loverboy-indie.” Working independently, Troy manages every aspect of his music production from his bedroom, ensuring each song is infused with his personal touch and authenticity.

His distinctive blend of intricate rhythms and heartfelt melodies has struck a chord with listeners around the world, particularly in the US and Bangkok, where he enjoys a large monthly listenership.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the musical world of Troy Javelona by listening to his new EP For You below.


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