NBC Debuts Promo Trailer For ‘Heroes Reborn’ | TV Trailer

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NBC Debuts Promo Trailer For ‘Heroes Reborn’ | TV Trailer


The countdown to the new Heroes series has started to heat up. With the September 24 premiere date on NBC (99 days to be more precise), more and more content is starting to be released. A new promo trailer titled ‘Where Are the Heroes’ has surfaced. I don’t think you know how excited I am for this return. I think I must have signed every single Save Heroes petition that was out there back in 2010, so I kind of feel responsible for the show coming back.


I just hope the show does itself some justice; dusts itself off from the failings of season 3 and brings back some of the sparkle from season 1. Oh and they better follow on from the Clare Bennett story arc, 5 years is long enough to keep this here girl dangling, I want to know the repercussions of her actions from the season 4 finale! Roll on September, so you can finally fill the Heroes shaped hole that was created that fateful day I found out one of my favourite shows was cancelled.




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