Nebraska Singer-Songwriter Kevin Kennedy III Releases New Single ‘Lost’

Kevin Kennedy III, a musician residing in Nebraska, has released a new track “Lost,” which combines elements of folk, rock, and country and takes viewers into a potentially painful world of desire felt by followers of artists like Mumford and Sons, Kings of Leon, Morgan Wallen, Hardy and Leon.

“Lost is a song that I have been holding onto for years. I just wasn’t sure of the right time to release it, because it is so heavy and real. Most of my songs dive into traveling, love, and having fun, but this song just hits differently.

It goes to the places that people keep secret in their lives. We all face internal and external struggles, the question is where do those trials lead us? I believe it causes us to confront our choices and look for a way out. Personally, I believe that way out is through Jesus Christ”, says the artist about the new release.

Kevin Kennedy III has toured the globe in quest of his inner songwriter. Kennedy has visited more than 89 countries over the previous ten years while also writing songs, performing live, and living life. This explains why he gives country music such a distinctive edge.

Because of his Nebraska upbringing, Kennedy was exposed to punk rock, hip-hop, and traditional country music. It inscribed a musical spectrum on his psyche and made him yearn to do something original.

As Kennedy put it “People are always trying to put you in a box, but good music is good music. Country music resonates with me because it’s raw and real. Who are you to say something is or isn’t country?”

“Lost” is a song about finding faith despite hardships. It tracks the author’s journey through a life of struggles, development, and comprehension. The song’s musical style can be described as a blend of rock, country, and folk with Christian overtones.

Listen and enjoy the new release below!


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