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Neill Blomkamp has recently stepped away from feature film and has been helping his OATS studio craft intriguing (and increasingly popular) short films, but a series of tweets from the director has indicated that the studio is about to helm their first feature film.


In the two tweets below, Blomkamp implies that his studio is developing a remake of the 1986 sci-fi film, Flight Of The Navigator.




The original film followed a twelve year-old boy who is abducted by a UFO and reappears eight years later at the exact same age with no memory of what happened. When NASA officials spot a connection between the boy and a recovered UFO and try to capture him in order to extract information, the kids of the movie try to uncover the mystery and reunite the boy with his family.


It was last reported that Lionsgate was potentially developing a remake with Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson penning the script, but it now looks like OATS studio have taken over.


It’s implied that Blomkamp will direct the film himself considering that he’s been totally hands-on in all the OATS studios short films thus far, and considering this studio is his baby and was designed to show off his talents to get funding for feature films, it would be a huge surprise if he isn’t behind the camera when shooting eventually begins.


Flight Of The Navigator is a somewhat forgotten 80s film despite its solid premise, so it’s prime for a remake. Considering the unique, enthralling sci-fi worlds Blomkamp has enveloped us in in the past, this is a perfect project for him to take the reigns of.



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