Nensi Dojaka Unveils 2023 Fall/Winter Collection For London Fashion Week

London-based Albanian womenswear designer Nensi Dojaka has made an appearance at this year’s London Fashion Week with her 2023 Fall/Winter collection.

Nensi’s runway was one of the runways that understands the assignment fall and winter brings. In most of the collections that made an appearance in London Fashion Week 2023, most of the products were not wearable during Fall and Winter colds.

So Nensi’s collection is pretty balanced in that sense. There were classy mesh tops as well as denims and some furry winter jackets.

Dojaka understood that Fall/Winter could have two faces so in this collection we saw for London Fashion Week 2023 pretty much addressed and embraced nature’s timing.

It’s a triumph that her elaborate, revealing creations are already instantly recognisable thanks to the frilled bra cups, numerous spaghetti straps, and heart-shaped illusion tulle accents.

It can also be a trap, which is why her fall collection also included jeans, tiny leather jackets, long coats that were tailored, sleek knits, and even a chunky faux fur that was heavily embellished with large crystals. She dressed in tight leggings that flared out past the ankle in godets.

“Expanding the wardrobe based on what I’d done before,” Dojaka explained backstage. “And I guess it was more minimal because I think we’re entering a more minimal phase.”

It’s challenging to identify her style as a designer. One could argue that this is the reason Dojaka is unmatched among womenswear designers, having an exacting eye and mastery of her trade.

She is well known for her delicate dresses, which are expertly crafted with clever outlines, sheer panels, and voids to reveal hints of skin. Hers is an epic feat that she masterfully pulls off.

When Nensi is the topic, you know that there is a plot twist somewhere. Most of her creations look like a very normal, decently textured piece of clothing. However she also knows how to make things classy with a little bit of edge to them.

That’s why the numerous dresses that completely covered the body were also novel, whether they were made of fine jersey, stretch velvet, or black sequins. All of these dresses clung to the body and occasionally opened up with circular cutouts at the back or notches at the waist.

Little black dresses with swooping, asymmetrical bra cups, tiny hip frills, and fluted sleeves that echoed her godet pants were the most popular.

Let’s have a look at Nensi Dojaka’s Fall/Winter Collection for London Fashion Week 2023 below!



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