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Up-and-coming Texas musician Neon Guava has dropped a new track called “Skeleton”. The kaleidoscopic, shimmering tune is not letting your loved ones drift away from you.


Neon Guava is a solo project of 20-year-old Texas native Giancarlo Minotti. His bright eclectic sound brings to mind the likes of Tame Impala, Neon Indian and Washed Out.


The rising artist blends together various sonic influences to create his own signature style. Minotti’s largely intuitive compositions are characterised by unique guitar work and outstanding heartfelt vocals, while his songwriting reveals a large degree of compassion and human understanding.


In the singer’s own words, “’Skeleton’ is about not letting that person that means so much to you go, blessings come and go and we all will die eventually so why waste time and live life without that blessing. And with spooky season around the corner and a title of ‘Skeleton’, I thought it was a great time to release – though the song is far from spooky”.


Neon Guava’s musical skills are self-taught and his debut EP Neighborhood Sounds home-recorded. The mini-album consists of five lo-fi indie rock tunes, including “Cloud9” and “Little White Lies”. The Texas-based musician followed it up with his latest release “Skeleton”, which is available on streaming platforms.


Listen to “Skeleton” here:




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