Netflix Acquires Oscar Nominated Short Film ‘Two Distant Strangers’ Starring Joey Bada$$ | Film News


The streaming giant, Netflix, has once again been the quickest regarding new acquisitions. It has just acquired the Oscar Award-nominated short action film titled Two Distant Strangers.


Regarding the film itself, it features actor and rapper Joey Bada$$ who plays the main character a cartoonist named Carter James, who ends up at a girl’s house after a night out, but wants to go back to his dog that he left alone at his place.


The twist in the story is that when coming out of the building, he accidentally bumps into a guy and a police officer played by Andrew Howard arrests him for no reason. However the problem and the main twist to it is that, he lives that day again and again and it gets worse and worse the policeman keeps arresting him for nothing and even killing him.


The film has a sci-fi and horror touch to it, but it also brings up some recent events and problems of society such as racism against Black people, like the death of George Floyd last Summer.


The film will premiere on the platform by April 9, which is only a few days before the voting for the Oscars starts. The platform already has other films leading at the Oscars nominations and we will see how well they did by acquiring these films by end of April when this year’s Oscar winners will be announced.


The film was directed by Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe. Both directors have done wonders to make this film as they explained: “When we set out to create this short in the middle of the simultaneous pandemic and social justice crises, we didn’t know what to expect […] But in just five days, we pulled off the nearly impossible to make this incredible film“.


Having the Netflix platform to showcase their film is a great step for both the actors and directors of this project. Watch the trailer here:




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