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As Netflix tries to hit every demographic possible in an attempt to gain as many subscribers as possible, we’ve seen a distinct shift to focus on children’s programming over the last year. That has now perhaps reached its culmination as the streaming giant has announced they will adapt the classic works of Roald Dahl for a “slate of original animated event series”.


The titles will include Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The BFG, The Twits, and many more. A statement added that the series will:


“Bring together the highest quality creative, visual, and writing teams to extend the stories in this first-of-its-kind slate of premium animated event series and specials for audiences of all ages and for families to enjoy together.


Netflix intends to remain faithful to the quintessential spirit and tone of Dahl while also building out an imaginative story universe that expands far beyond the pages of the books themselves”.


With Netflix trying to become the primary destination for young viewers, this move makes sense. Although there have been many adaptations of Dahl’s work over the years, every generation needs their own version of Matilda or Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.


Dahl’s work has always been popular among the very young demographics and this should keep Netflix equally popular among those same demographics as well.


Netflix released this tiny teaser for the series which you can view below. It will be worth tracking what kinds of creators they get for the series, since they may be able to get some big names to just work on one of the adaptations if they wish. We will wait and see.




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