Netflix Planning 700 New Projects In 2018 | TV News


Netflix is already the major force in streaming and currently releases a new season of TV, a new film, or a new comedy special every week, but they’re not stopping there, they seem set on world domination.


Per Variety, Netflix CFO David Wells spoke at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference earlier this week, and mentioned how the streaming giant will have around 700 original shows and movies in 2018, working out at around a mammoth $8 billion in costs.


While Netflix’s catalogue is actually smaller than it used to be thanks to a more competitive streaming environment, where services like Amazon and Hulu have picked up the back catalogues of certain shows, that competitive nature forced Netflix to shift to original content that was in no danger of being snatched by another service.


That decision has paid off handsomely, with Netflix now being pretty much ubiquitous when it comes to TV, especially. Most have now decided to forego a cable subscription and just pay for Netflix. But with Disney set to bring out their own competitive streaming service in the near future, Netflix feels the need to keep their content coming at a hard-to-keep-up-with rate.


Having recently struck huge deals with creators Ryan Murphy and Shonda Rimes, the streaming giant just wants as much content as possible, so much that every demographic possible is accounted for. They currently have 117.6 million subscribers, and are aiming higher.


It’s hard enough to keep up with the large amount of great TV being broadcast right now, and it’s about to get exponentially harder.



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