Netflix Releases ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season Two Teaser | TV Trailer

‘Orange is the New Black’ releases trailer for season two


The good people at Netflix have rewarded viewers who binge-watched the new episodes of Houses of Cards by releasing new information on the forthcoming season of Orange Is The New Black. It has been announced that all thirteen episodes of the second season of Orange Is The New Black will premiere on June 6, 2014, with Netflix subscribers able to stream all the episodes from the website on the premiere date – a move done primarily to cater to viewers who watch entire seasons of TV shows in one day. Netflix has continued to prove that TV shows and the internet can be successfully merged with excellent outcomes.


Jenji Kohan’s Orange Is The New Black is a comedy-drama which tells the story of Piper (Taylor Schilling) who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison for smuggling drug money for her ex-girlfriend who is an international drug dealer (Laura Prepon). The series shows Piper ten years after her prison experience, remembering that period of her life and is based on Piper Kerman’s 2010 memoir book Orange Is The New Black: My Year In A Women’s Prison.




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