Netflix Unveils First Trailer For Animated Holiday Comedy ‘Klaus’ | Film Trailer


It’s not Halloween yet, but the Christmas content is already just around the corner. Netflix has released the first trailer for their upcoming animated holiday comedy, Klaus.


The story revolves around Jesper, his postal academy’s worst student. He becomes stationed on a frozen island above the Arctic Circle, where the feuding locals hardly exchange words, let alone letters. Jesper is about to give up on his mission when he finds an ally in local teacher Alva and discovers Klaus, a mysterious carpenter who lives alone in a cabin full of handmade toys.


These unlikely friendships return laughter to Smeerensburg, which was formerly known as the unhappiest place on earth. But they probably weren’t aiming for some sort of anti-Disneyland marketing with that slogan. A new legacy of generous neighbours, magical lore and stockings hung by the chimney with care is soon formed within a new holiday tradition.



The film stars Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, Rashida Jones, Norm MacDonald and Joan Cusack. Despicable Me writer Sergio Pablos is directing. He also wrote the screenplay alongside Zach Lewis and Jim Mahoney.


The animation in the trailer above looks pristine, and that’s an impressive voice cast, too. Considering Netflix’s success with their prior Christmas movies, especially The Christmas Chronicles, expect to see a new holiday-themed original every year. Klaus looks like it has the potential to become part of the Christmas movie canon. We’ll find out when it hits Netflix Friday, November 15.



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