Netherlands Duo NEWĀRK Release New Single ‘Come Back’ | Music News


Rotterdam-based duo NEWĀRK are back with another single entitled “Come Back”, it will be part of their upcoming album that will be released in November.


The studio version of “Come Back” was released on June 4 and a live version will be available on June 9. The single was written and produced by the duo, and it is a romantic rap track that talks about how everything is leaving you when you need it the most.


This song was written last summer during the Covid-19 pandemic and with it, the duo shared how they missed everything they used to do. The hot and sunny weather made them want to go out and meet people but that hasn’t been possible.


Instead of that, they both went into their studio and had fun on their own, Zep started on this romantic instrumental and Wes transformed his feeling into words with a tender melody and flow.


About his feelings in the face of our current situation, Wes explained “I miss meeting new people, sometimes when I see a stranger I want to scream ‘come back’ to that person“, and this energy created the hook of their song.


The song is talking about the duo being in a big city, they are seeing people all over the streets and they just want to know more about these people. However, they are stuck in their own circle, the big streets are becoming little alleyways and this feeling never leaves. “Sometimes it feels like we miss people we don’t even know


With their slow beats and perfect flow, NEWĀRK were able to create a song that makes you feel happy and sad at the same time. As the title of their next single suggests, they want to create “Euphoria”, which is a state of emotional happiness.


Wes and Zep have been best homies since their first day in high school, together they created NEWĀRK. During the past years where they worked together, they developed their personal creative mind and soul as creative artists.


Wes works in the studio as a songwriter and Zep as a producer, together they are a heavy combination and support each other to work and improve on all sides. Together they write, produce and mix all their songs on an international level.


They have also created the NEWKĀR sessions where they invite artists into their car to make music together. The sessions are an online series for YouTube and Instagram.


We are excited to hear their next release “Euphoria”, but for now listen to “Come Back” here:




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