New Book ‘She Said’ Reveals New Elements Of Harvey Weinstein Abuse | Film News


Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey add new elements to the Harvey Weinstein case with their new book She Said. The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters try to deepen the events by investigating through untold stories.


Through the book, She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement, the journalists are fully playing their part in the #MeToo movement, by reporting the experiences of women who spoke up — for the sake of other generations and themselves. Through their narration, already known names emerge, such as that of Rose Mcgowan.


Rose McGowan accused Weinstein of raping her in 1997: after this declaration, she had to face numerous consequences. One of these concerns Weinstein’s lawyer Lisa Bloom, who proposed to the famous producer, that he ruin the actress’s career to help his case. One of the most intimidating suggestion was: “We can place an article re her becoming increasingly unglued, so that when someone Googles her this is what pops up and she’s discredited”.


The reaction has been not long in coming and now, after Lisa Bloom’s apology, the actress has requested the lawyer to be disbarred. “What these people have done to my standing in the world has been systematic – it’s been evil. It’s one of the worst cases of gaslighting I’ve ever heard, and it’s starring me“.


This is only one of the revelations and effects of the just published book, but the actress hopes that it will do justice even to other actresses in the future.




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