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A brand new documentary is on its way and this time it is the actress Brittany Murphy that is finally getting the well-deserved spotlight on her career. The actress who passed away over a decade ago, was one of the best and looked out for actresses of the 90s, and she was in some of the most iconic films from that decade.


The actress played in films like Clueless, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Girl, Interrupted and Uptown Girls, among a series of films that are still today reference in young adult life.


The documentary will be on the platform HBO Max in collaboration with Blumhouse Television. They have already revealed that some interviews and information on the late actress in the documentary, were going to be exclusive and never heard from the public before.


Regarding the documentary itself, it will obviously, go back on Brittany’s life and career, as well as how the media brought disorder in her life. Her success got her into a terrible media spiral that is hard to come out from. That is going to be the main topic. Of course, celebrating her talent will also be a big part of the documentary.


The documentary will be divided into two parts, and will also try to understand and explain her sudden death which led to many speculations a decade ago.


The series will be directed by Cynthia Hill, who said about the documentary, “I think it’s important to celebrate Brittany’s talent as we struggle to explain the tragic circumstances of her and Simon’s deaths“.


Since the Britney Spears documentary titled Framing Britney Spears, many questions have been raised in the entertainment industry about harassment of women, and the Brittany documentary is just going to confirm the severity of this problem in this industry.


We do not have any release dates yet for the documentary or any trailers, but we will keep you updated as things develop.



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