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Dorothy Takev‘s new single “Quien es ella” has just been released! Her brand new single, which sees the artist mixing English and Spanish, will be part of her first album Siren, to be released in March 2020.


The artist has always been used to the stage, having been part of several different groups of music, dance, comedy… It was in 2011 that she made her first solo sounds to express her own vision of life. Her upcoming album Siren, which is being released on March 11, is supported by the National Fund for Culture in Bulgaria.


The artist has also planned a mini-tour on the occasion of the release of her album, with her first show booked for March 11, the day of the release of her album, in Sofia.


“Quien Es Ella” is very much inspired by Spanish culture, which Dorothy Takev fell in love with after a trip to Spain. So you can hear a mix of Latin and ethnic minimalistic music, and the lyrics are a mix of Spanish and English. Add to this, electronic and energetic beats and a touch of traditional Bulgarian folklore and you get a very interesting sound with a real mix of musical culture.


With her music, the artist wants to make people in a toxic relationship understand that they are in a vicious circle. She wants to give people who are going through this, the courage to get out of this life that they don’t really like, out of this routine so that they can fulfil their dreams. The music is also accompanied by a video clip.


Check it out below:




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