New Era Releases Japanese-Exclusive Patchwork Denim Collection | Fashion News


The Buffalo based brand New Era well known for its baseball caps, have recently released a new collection called Patchwork Denim. This brand new collection was created for its Japanese store and it’s very similar to the old collection 59FIFTY Denim Series which was released few years ago. Indeed we can see how the American brand have chosen to reuse the same indigo denim material.


The same design present in New Era’s Japanese-Exclusive Patchwork Denim Collection is also featured in different other models such as 9FIFTY, 9 TWENTY, and 9FORTY. There is even a Trapper dogear model for the winter months.


The new collection is available in their Japanese online store, with prices ranging between ¥3,600-¥6,800 JPY. Check them out here.


Here are some pictures below.






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