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Surprise, surprise! An unheard, six-minute song from the iconic George Michael will be making its debut in the upcoming Emma Thompson romcom film Last Christmas inspired by the music of Wham!


The first trailer for Last Christmas has been released, starring Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding and Emma Thompson, who also wrote the script. It is a romantic comedy set in the most idyllic time of the year and it follows the story of a wannabe singer whose biggest idol is George Michael. Even though it is not a musical, the film is loosely based on the band tracks.


“There are a couple of sections where the actors are actually interacting with the music and other sections where George’s music is driving or underscoring the story. So it’s a nice mix of being neither a jukebox movie nor straight up musical”, explains the film director Paul Feig.


Feig has been explaining some details about the project to BBC News, including the one about Michael’s new song. “[George Michael] was putting together his new album when he passed. And one of our tracks is one of those songs, and it’s just an absolutely amazing song that I’m so excited the world is going to get to hear now.”


About the single, Feig has only shared his thoughts about it, saying it is a “very celebratory song” and that he is happy because he has been allowed to play the whole track into the film.


The format of the movie remains unclear, as no one has clarified yet if the original songs will be played throughout the picture or if they will be performed by the actors. Anyways, fans will be able to clear up their doubts very soon, because Last Christmas is set to hit the theaters next November!


Meanwhile, watch the trailer down below:




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