New Orleans Duo AVNER Begin The Year With New Track ‘Westward’

westward” is the debut single from New Orleans based music collective Avner (stylised as avner), who are made up of two vocalists, songwriters and instrumentalists named Leo Skovron and Adam Burch.

Produced by Grammy Award winner Mack Major, this new track “Westward” is taken from the upcoming debut EP from Avner that will also be produced by Mack Major and is set for release later this year. The song tells a story of isolation and self-reliance, which the song’s sparse and raw production style tried to convey thematically.

According to the duo, “the climatic chorus of ‘take me westward take me home’ provides the culminating message – that we can learn to be at “home” when we are alone“. Speaking about the inspiration behind “westward”, the two also add that the song “is about a long drive from Texas to Colorado after a rough breakup“.

avner first came together in Texas in 2019, and over the past two years, they have been able to nurture their fruitful creative process and vision during the global pandemic and lockdown. Their music is the realisation of a shared vision for heartfelt and personal music, energetic expression and raw imperfectionism.

Listen to their new track “westward” below:


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