New ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Trailer Has Lots Of Pirates, Surprisingly | Film Trailer


Another trailer has arrived for the fifth instalment of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales.


It’s getting a little tricky to differentiate this film from the previous four judging by the footage we have seen thus far. The newest one practically runs down a checklist of ‘things you must include in a Pirates Of The Caribbean trailer’. Jack Sparrow wisecracks? Check. Big, pirate-based action spectacles? Yup. A new, super-CGI’d villain? Of course.


It’s hard to believe that a franchise which originated as an original yet risky film based off a Disneyland ride, and a performance that garnered Johnny Depp an Oscar nomination, has now become one of the most successful franchises around. The trailer dubs this instalment ‘the final adventure’, but you can bet if it brings in enough money there will likely be a sixth outing for Sparrow and crew.


Depp was originally known for his enigmatic, eclectic choice of roles before his first go at the Jack Sparrow character, but it’s now become his defining role, and led him to forego low budget indies in favour of big budget box office draws, such as this and the Alice In Wonderland franchise.


Whether this fifth film will recapture the magic of the first movie remains to be seen. Check out the trailer below for what might be Depp’s last outing in his now-iconic role.




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