New Season Favourite: The A-Line Skirt | Fashion News


With London Fashion Week heavily underway in its final week of preparation. we bring you some inside scoop of next seasons key must have – the A-Line Skirt. The Guardian’s fashion editor Jess Carter-Morley talks about her reservation towards hurling out her entire wardrobe, but is all set to ditch last season’s pencil skirt to strut in the new A-line Skirt, which is slightly shorter and spunkier with vibrant colours, yet has a sophisticated touch and an easy vibe of fun energy to match it.


You can carry the look anywhere, anytime of day or place. It’s easy to pull off, you can just let it hang off your waist. The look changes how you stand and walk, adding more dynamism, and you will definitely be up to speed on the fashion front, with this addition to your wardrobe. Carter-Morley goes on further to compare the A-Line Skirt with the pencil skirt, saying “a pencil skirt is posed, ladylike, slinky; an A-line skirt is peppy and energetic”.



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