New ‘Spongebob’ Movie Confirmed By Nickelodeon President | Film News


If your primary reason for heading to your local cinema is to escape real life and dive headfirst into a blissful aura of nostalgia, then here’s some good news. Another Spongebob Squarepants movie is coming.


During a quarterly call with analysts, Viacom (which owns Paramount Pictures) gave updates to executives, with Nickelodeon President Cyma Zarghami confirming “there will definitely be another Spongebob movie”.


While it may sound surprising that in 2017 a third Spongebob film is being commissioned, 2015’s Sponge Out Of Water was a surprising success for Paramount (over $300 million worldwide) and as we know, box office success usually equals greenlit sequels nowadays.


Throw in the fact that Paramount have been struggling a little recently, with bombs such as the Ben-Hur remake costing them over $100 million and poor returns on films such as Monster Trucks, Ghost In The Shell and Florence Foster Jenkins, and greenlighting a sequel that is practically guaranteed to turn in a profit is pretty much a no-brainer decision for them right now.


There’s no other news regarding the new Spongebob movie as of right now, but with Paramount looking to bring in some easy cash, expect a barrage of sequels being commissioned by the studio. Those sequels might consist solely of Spongebob films and Rings sequels, but still.



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