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We all know what uproar was made when the popular TV show Top Gear came to an end, so there is absolutely no surprise that there is already controversial decisions being made before the show has even started. The new presenter, Chris Evans, has allegedly caused concern among BBC bosses after insisting on broadcasting the show live every week.


However, understandably the BBC producers may be a little nervous about the move and a source told the Daily Mirror that “Chris wants to do the shows live but executives are worried about what might pop out of the presenters’ mouths. They are considering a time lag so they can bleep out any swear words before they hit the telly screens. After the Clarkson fiasco, you can’t blame them for being cautious“.


Chris apparently has his heart set on broadcasting Top Gear live as he believes it will bring the show the same success that his iconic programme TFI Friday enjoyed in the late nineties. However, if we all remember that didn’t go down very well either after Shaun Ryder said the F-word live on TFI Friday causing the show to be pre-recorded each week. A Top Gear source told The Sun that “He thinks his speciality is as a live broadcaster. He always loved the buzz of TFI Friday going out live and likes the idea of bringing that to Top Gear”.


Whether the show is live or not, it seems pretty clear that the hype and anticipation for this long awaited series is bubbling world wide and the viewing figures will be through the roof – watch this space!



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