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“If the songs were lines in a conversation, the situation would be fine”, Nick Drake sang in the song “Hazey Jane II”. This line was taken up for a new documentary titled Nick Drake – Songs in a Conversation, a touching tribute to the English singer-songwriter. The film tries to describe how his immortal figure has left a significant impact in the world of music.


His work still resonates in the present, where many artists are inspired by him. In the film, some Italian musicians explain the impact his music has had on them, trying to remember him, 45 years after his tragic death. The camera follows an interior and artistic journey undertaken by Roberto Angelini and Rodrigo D’Erasmo with songs, emotions and suggestions.


The film is enriched by the interpretations of Italian musicians such as Andrea Appino, Manuel Agnelli, Niccolò Fabi, Piers Faccini and Adele Nigro. The film also features the participation of John Wood, a sound engineer who recorded three Nick Drake albums.


As told by the testimonies: “The encounter with Nick Drake’s music was fortuitous, perhaps for this reason even a little magical […] It was a shock, something very intimate, silent, not shared […] Fortunately, there is Pink Moon, because it really makes you understand what he was“.


The film, produced by Sky Arts, Indiana Production and Pulse Films, will be presented at the Rome Film Festival on October 22 and will be broadcast on Sky Arts on November 25.


Watch the trailer below:




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