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London is known for its endless nightlife and its extreme contemporaneity, but, above all, for being one of the world music capitals, which attract artists from all over the globe, who feed the city’s quivering atmosphere. Alessandro Ciminata, an Italian singer-songwriter and musician, is one of the many young people who travelled to London to follow their dreams and passion of music.


Since finishing his academic studies, Ciminata has worked on several projects and released tracks like “Demons”, “Lost In Your Arms” and “Kings”. Recently, the singer has revealed the new song “Signs”, his second release in 2019.


The song presents throbbing and quivering instrumental, while the deep vocals perfectly conveys the main theme of the song, which is the pain caused by loved ones loss. Lyrics reflect all this: “The thought of you keeps me awake tonight / I hold your face in my mind’s eye / You’re the one love I can’t pretend…”.


As Ciminata has explained, the song is related to the loss of his grandfather: “Last year I lost my granddad, he’d been married to my nan for 60 years. I’ve always wondered what my nan felt, after losing him, when trying to fall asleep on the same bed they’ve shared for years”.


We will be able to enjoy Ciminata in a new live performance on October 22 at The Waiting Room and we look forward to it! In the meantime, listen to “Signs” below:




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