New Trailer Arrives For Twisty Noir ‘I Am The Night’ Starring Chris Pine | TV Trailer


A new trailer has arrived for TNT‘s upcoming limited series, I Am The Night, which is directed by Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) and stars Chris Pine. The six-episode noir drama comes from writer Sam Sheridan and stars Pine as a Marine turned hack reporter who tries to uncover the truth behind a Hollywood scandal that has ties to the Black Dahlia murder.


He gets caught up in with Fauna Hodel, played by India Eisley, a woman who was given away by her teenage birth mother and whose quest to uncover the secrets of her past leads her down a dangerous road.


The trailer looks an intriguing mix of classic noirs, LA Confidential, and even a little of Eyes Wide Shut. Visually it looks incredible, so much so that you almost wish it was a film able to be shown on the big screen. Of course, these kinds of stories used to exist on the big screen but have now found a home on TV in the longer form of limited series.


It’s great to see Jenkins and Pine team up again and go in a totally different direction than their Wonder Woman collaboration. If I Am The Night can capture the thrills of any of the aforementioned classics, this could be another series to add to the increasingly large canon of Peak TV.


I Am The Night premieres on TNT on January 28, 2019.



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