New Trailer For Netflix’s Sci-fi Thriller ‘Tau’ | Film Trailer


Netflix has released the first trailer for director Federico D’Alessandro‘s feature debut Tau, a computer-powered horror flick starring recent Best Actor Academy Award winner Gary Oldman and indie cinema’s scream queen Maika Monroe (It Follows).


Written by Noga Landau, the upcoming Netflix original sci-fi thriller stars Monroe as Julia, a young woman kidnapped and imprisoned in a futuristic smart home which is run by an AI program named Tau (voiced by Goldman) that terrorizes its inhabitants. Bent on fighting back, Julia will attempt to escape, teaming up with other test subjects in the house to try and take down Tau.


Check out the first trailer for the high-tech horror movie, which has drawn inspiration from Cube, Saw and Stanley Kubrick‘s iconic 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Tau comes to Netflix on June 29.




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