New Trailer For ‘The New Pope’ Reveals Just How Powerful The Pope Of John Malkovich Might Be | Film Trailer


The New Pope, which is following up the series of The Young Pope, directed by Paolo Sorrentino will be released in January 2020, via HBO. For the role of the new pope, Sorrentino  has chosen another great actor, John Malkovic. As it is showed, he, along with Jude Law, will fight on screen for the affirmation of papal power.


Moreover, not much information has been shared about the series and the plot that will follow, but from the trailer it is possible to see Malkovich’s Pope John Paul III taking the power of Pope Pius XIII played by Jude Law. The young pope is unable to exercise his power because of the coma that forces him to bed and the Church has quickly provided another figure to replace his authority, his narcissism and his weaknesses.


The Pope of John Malkovich proves to be powerful throughout his quietness and his awareness of being the only capable to reign the Church, “Everyone in the world should know who the pope is,” says his voice in the trailer. At the same time, it seems that his greed for control and power may soon be threatened. In fact, the most powerful person who could steal his power can only be another pope, the one played by Jude Law, who suddenly opens his eyes from the coma at the end of the trailer.


It is not yet possible to know what will happen in front of that neon red cross that watches over the body of the young Pope, to whom the new Pope has insistently praised. As Sorrentino told to Variety about a possible development of the new season: ” So the church has to resort to a new pope, who is played by John Malkovich. But since we are in a territory where reason is overtaken by spiritual mysteries and by God, Jude Law’s coma may not be so irreversible. It may have some unexpected novelties“.


Watch the new trailer below:




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