New Trailer for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Released | Film Trailer


The second trailer for Top Gun: Maverick was released yesterday.


The action-packed film is the belated sequel to the 1986 military drama Top Gun, and sees the return of Tom Cruise in the lead role.


The first film tells the story of Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise), code-named “Maverick”, who is accepted into Miramar’s elite Fighter School, known as ‘Top Gun’. There, the dare-devil Navy-pilot falls for the beautiful astrophysics instructor, Charlie (Kellie McGillis), and engages in a reckless contest with his brilliant fellow student, “Iceman” (Val Kilmer), to win the prestigious Top Gun Trophy.


More than thirty years later, Maverick returns to our screens as one of the Navy’s top aviators. Introducing Tom Cruise’s character as “one of the finest pilots this programme has ever produced“, the Top Gun: Maverick trailer informs us that the eponymous protagonist is now an instructor, interspersing clips of his new pupils with some of his “legendary” piloting exploits.


Directed by Joseph Kosinski, the long-awaited sequel will star Jennifer Connelly, Monica Barbaro and Jon Hamm alongside Tom Cruise.


The first Top Gun grossed a worldwide box office total of $353,811,728 (£269,016,563), and its sequel is scheduled for release in UK cinemas from July 17 in the New Year.


Watch the trailer here:




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