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There has been a recent surge of superhero trailers for 2016. First there was Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War followed by DCs Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and now we have a trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse. The latest X-Men movie will cap off a trilogy that started with First Class followed by Days of Future Past and now the third instalment directed by X-Men stalwart Bryan Singer.


Unfortunately Fox’s superhero property has had the smallest impact in the battle of the trailers but hopes are high after the popular time bending Days of Future past. The trailer confirmed the identity of the four horseman of the ancient orginal mutant Apocalypse, Oscar Isaac, that is set on destroying the world. Rose Byrne’s character explains that Apocalypse recruits four mutants to act as his bodyguards, The Four Horseman.


The trailer shows glimpses of them all, there is a young storm played by Alexandra Shipp Olivia Munn as Psylocke, Ben Hardy‘s Angel/Archangel and finally the powerful Magneto, the ever excellent Michael Fassbender. It is not surprising to see Magneto up to no good again, but will he bend to Apocalypse’s will? Storm is not the only young version of a mutant from the original films seen. The trailer opens with a young Jean Grey played by Games of Thrones Sophie Turner.


2016 is a busy year for superhero fans and hopefully there is room for them all to be a success. First out the blocks in the UK is Batman v Superman on March 25 then Civil War April 29 and then X-Men: Apocalypse May 19. It going to be a busy year so keep your diary free. Remind yourself of the X-Men Trailer here.



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