New York Artist Carly Pearl Returns With New Single ‘Flow’

Multi-talented New York based artist Carly Pearl has shared her new song titled “Flow”.

Spending her childhood between theatre, acting and music without forgetting to mention her experience during the national touring act The Scruffy Pearls, the multitalented American artist as perfectly mastered the way of making the stage her.

To reach the next step she is not afraid to put in practise what she learnt from her technical background perfectly taking the lead of her narrative.

Reminiscence of unforgettable voices such as Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray, Carly Pearl as the power to secure the audience attention from the starting beat.

Meaningful and reflective lyrics are leading her tracks along a jazzy, part time hip-hop inspired lens reflating into her upcoming “Daydream”.

The feeling of having the lyrics written deep inside in her heart as always been a truth that she knew, so being able to let them go is like a relieve.

Speaking about the track “Flow”, the artist comments ““What goes up must come down.” The contrast is necessary to everything in life. I wrote Flow as a reminder that there are lessons in the highs and lows, and finding your flow is the key to finding peace. With soulful vocals and rnb/hip-hop instrumentals, this sexy spiritual song will raise your vibe.

Listen to “Flow” here:


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  1. FLOW… Not only a Song but a burgeoning of the soul. Carly Pearl fiercely stared into the 2 alternate dimensions of her inner essence. And therein she found a fluidity of the Two merging into One. A free flowing fusion. A purpose to live and a reason to dance. And now she is gifting Us with a public unveiling and an invitation for Us to do the same. As for Me, I will accept this gift. And as for me I will let it FLOW😊

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