LA-Based Artist Samantha Margret Shares Empowering New Track ‘RAGE’

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Samantha Margret has unfolded the empowering single “RAGE”.

When Samantha Margret writes songs, she has an objective to reach the girl who fight to own her history, her body, and her feelings. The tracks are telling stories about recognition and unfold the artist soulful voice while having a good time without bringing the a new narrative each time.

Growing up on the West Coast of US in San Francisco, she spent her free time at school playing Sara Bareilles’s songs on the piano and writing her own lyrics.

The Californian woman revealed her first single “Feminist” during the Fall of 2020, without neglecting her efforts, she constantly works on her writing and production of fascinating songs.

Before the covid period, she hit the stage of numerous local music venues in her hometown to share her creations with the audience.

The strong and powerful single “RAGE” carries a moving message directly delivered by the artist herself.

Speaking about the track, the singer comments, “‘RAGE is for every woman who’s been made to
feel too stupid or too smart, too weak or too strong, too big or too small, too much or not enough.
We’re angry and we’re bruised, but we are powerful

Samantha’s upcoming debut EP is already appearing on the horizons, the future never seems so bright.

Listen to “RAGE” here:


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