New York Based Rock Band November Girl Release New Single ‘Down Bitter’

New York-based rock band November Girl, celebrated for their electrifying and visually striking music videos and a history of sold-out shows, has unveiled their latest single, “Down Bitter,” alongside a compelling music video.

The band, consisting of Willa Rudolph (singer/guitarist), Dylan Davis (bass), Billy Flanagan (lead guitar), and Philip Brand (drums), brings a unique blend of ’90s-inspired grunge and dynamic musicality to the American music scene. Their songs resonate with punk influences, dynamic guitar melodies, and thought-provoking, feminine lyrics, setting them apart in the genre.

Willa Rudolph, the band’s lead, boasts a diverse background as a former high school art teacher and sex worker, now fully embracing her role as a writer and musician. Bassist Dylan and drummer Phil joined forces to complete the group, along with Billy Flanagan, who, like Willa, hails from the valley.

“Down Bitter,” produced by Emmett Kai under Unisex Records, showcases November Girl’s signature sound. The track is an intricate tapestry of dominant basslines, compelling drum patterns, and robust vocals that create a harmonious balance with the instrumentation.

The band’s reputation for powerful live performances is well-earned, with a history of electrifying stages at venues like The Living Gallery, Gold Sounds, Bowery Electric, and The Broadway.

In addition to releasing “Down Bitter,” November Girl is currently crafting an EP. The new single delves into the nuanced experiences of women in sex work while navigating personal relationships.

It’s a song about empowerment, exploring themes of frustration, passion, and powerlessness, with Willa’s vocals poignantly conveying these emotions. The accompanying music video offers a personal touch, allowing Willa to revisit and reflect on her past.

November Girl’s sound has been aptly described by Office Magazine as a harmonious blend of Alice in Chains and No Doubt, capturing their unique ability to merge grunge intensity with melodic allure.

Experience the captivating world of November Girl by watching their latest music video for “Down Bitter.”


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