New York Musician And Producer Prints Of Monaco Unveils New Single ‘We Don’t Talk’

Introducing Brooklyn by way of Boston artist, musician and producer Prints Of Monaco with his new single titled “We Don’t Talk”, which is part of a series of single releases the band has planned for the year. This track is a bitter rock song that aims to portray that defiant feeling we often have when breaking up with someone.

According to the artist, their name was derived from treating every song like a print of a memory, feeling, or idea, and their music can best be described as “sadboysongs of the indie rock and folk kind“, with catharsis as the common feeling listeners can derive from it.

Their recorded and live music have drawn comparison to early Sufjan Stevens, as well as the likes of Local Natives, Bear’s Den and Bon Iver, where they seem to be drawing some influences from.

Speaking about their new song “We Don’t Talk”, Prints Of Monaco say the song was “originally born out of a gradual falling out with a friend. I was trying to capture a feeling of bitterness and indignance toward someone who used to be very close, but then intentionally slipped away. However, I tried keeping with the sadboy theme, in expressing that even with these salty feelings there was some amount of sadness in the mix“.

They go on to explain the creative process behind the song by adding that, “There was a bit of a plot twist during the writing though. I was sitting on this lyric, ‘your impression is on the mattress’ that just needed to be in a few verses. This changed it to be about an ex of some kind.

A friend of the band, and great artist, Jonny Lutz played with this lyric when he provided the artwork. He dragged a full bed, sheets and all, to a public park for a photoshoot. He’s got a level of commitment and artistic vision beyond most people. Harmonically I wanted to channel a dark sound, to express this stubborn and resentful attitude, and am happy with how the synths and guitars support this“.

Listen to “We Don’t Talk” below:


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