New York Singer And Songwriter Kevin Ludwig Releases New Single ‘Honey Don’t Go’

New York-based singer and songwriter, Kevin Ludwig, unveiled a new heart-rending track titled “Honey Don’t Go” on June 10, 2023.

The song is a collaboration with a female vocalist, and their combined talent generates an escalating wave of anxiety and desperation. Showcasing their remarkable ability, this emotionally charged song was perfected in just one take during a late-night session.

“Honey Don’t Go” leverages the resonant acoustic qualities of the guitar, interweaving elements of folk, pop, and Americana. This musical fusion amplifies the inherent tension, encapsulating the vulnerability and fragility of the characters within the narrative.

Once again, Ludwig’s poignant lyrics, drawn from his own experiences, take centre stage. His distinctive vocal delivery, underscored by intricate instrumentation, embodies raw emotion and narrative storytelling that leaves listeners moved and resonating deeply with the song.

Kevin Ludwig, having learnt early on that music springs from the soul, initiated his musical journey as a tuba player. After a decade of playing the tuba, he transitioned to the guitar and began penning songs at the age of 14.

2014 marked a significant milestone in Ludwig’s career with the launch of his debut album “Throwing Water Balloons at the Sun”, a tribute to a friend who tragically died in an accident.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Ludwig has displayed his versatility and humility through his role as a Physiotherapist Assistant for Disabled Children in a preschool – a profession he has been engaged in since the onset of the pandemic.

However, his passion for music remains undiminished. Known for performing over 100 shows a year, Ludwig has rescheduled his highly anticipated national tour “The Cleaner Oceans Tour” to summer 2024. Leading up to the tour, he plans to release a new single each month as a preview for his upcoming album “SEX and SPEED”.

Experience the evocative “Honey Don’t Go” by Kevin Ludwig below!


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