Swedish Vocalist Alma Persson Releases Debut Single ‘Company’

In the whirlwind of digital entertainment, one voice rises above the cacophony to offer a refreshing dose of emotional authenticity.

Alma Persson, a vibrant young vocalist and prominent TikTok star, has taken the next step in her musical journey by releasing her debut single “Company”, featuring the talented artist, songwriter, and producer ADEENA.

Exploring the enthralling tension between joy and drama in relationships, “Company” dives deep into the heart of emotional complexity.

The song posits that a hint of turbulence might be the essential ingredient for truly experiencing genuine emotions within a relationship. It further ventures into the idea of harnessing one’s frustrations as a vital catalyst to spark and sustain the passion within us.

Born in Norrland and raised in Gotland, Alma Persson’s passion for music was ignited by her father, a music teacher who instilled in her a deep love for the craft.

Since childhood, Alma was certain that singing was her destiny. But it was in 2020, amidst the explosion of digital content, when her unique charm and vibrant personality found a receptive audience on TikTok, skyrocketing her to fame.

With a whopping 1.5 million followers and over 26 million likes, Alma has not just captured the hearts of TikTok users but has also solidified her position as a beloved content creator. Her infectious persona, coupled with her talent for captivating audiences, has made her a force to reckon with in the digital world.

Now, in 2023, Alma Persson is stepping into the music industry with her debut single “Company”, signaling a new chapter in her exciting career. The blend of her unique charm, her talent for engaging with audiences, and her gift for raw emotional expression, promises a future as bright as the digital spotlight she’s already claimed.

From TikTok sensation to budding music artist, Alma Persson is a shining testament to the age of digital talent discovery and a name we will surely hear much more in the future.

The single “Company” is out now and is sure to resonate with those who have experienced the joyous yet complex dance of love and emotional honesty in their relationships.

Listen to “Company” below!


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