New Zealand Producer Bravo Bonez Unveils Jazz-Inspired New Track ‘TREASON’

Bravo Bonez (pronounced “Bone-EZ”), a music producer, has created a dramatic track TREASON with acid jazz influences that are highlighted by soaring strings, jazz flute, heartfelt horns, and layered vocals. Imagine a blend of Jamiroquai and Brand New Heavies with a 90s UK pop shine.

Earlier in his life, Bravo put his musical endeavors on hold to follow Mammon’s path. He decided to abandon everything and pursue the long-forgotten goal of his 21-year-old self after learning that his passion for music had been disregarded many years earlier.

Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Crime Heat, and The Impending Adorations are just a few artists who have influenced Bravo’s eccentric, ambient sound. Bravo delights in fusing his favorite genres, continually churning out a wide range of captivating, melodic new songs. Trip-hop, acid jazz, house, lounge, post-punk, and ambient cinematic influences are some of these genres.

Bravo has a variety of musical personas to distinguish his distinct creative facets. One of these personas is LearningToDive, under which Bravo releases music with influences from 90s trip-hop and 80s post-punk. Under the alias Haikyo, another persona emerges, exhibiting Bravo’s ambient, cinematic, and classically influenced creative side. Under the name Bravo Bonez, he primarily releases RnB/soul and vintage lo-fi tracks.

Simon Gooding mixed and engineered TREASON when it was being recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland and PureSound Studios in Wellington. On the song, he added some guitar work as well.

Greg Haver and Bravo Bonez produced the song. Greg Haver also performed on percussion and drums. Bassist Mark Hughes contributed to the song. Alba Rose and Bravo Bonez collaborated on the song TREASON, and Alba Rose also provided an incredible vocal performance. Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound mastered the song (Nashville).

Listen and enjoy the new release TREASON below!


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