New Zealand Singer And Producer B O K E H Returns With ‘Encore’

B O K E H, the alluring electropop artist from New Zealand, is set to redefine the music landscape with her latest release “encore.”

This single – an eclectic, flamboyant jamboree that champions unapologetic desires and self-expression – is the artist’s exciting new offering.

Between Berlin and Paris, ‘encore’ has been self-produced to inspire a dance of liberation, celebrating our sensual selves amidst a vibrant mix of instruments and 70s inspired Casiotone synths.

A testament to owning one’s skin, “encore” radiates a cheeky and theatrical charm, which reflects B O K E H’s persona. It’s queer, it’s theatrical, it’s audacious, and above all, it’s an invitation to embrace our authentic selves with unbridled enthusiasm.

The track exudes a lively energy that doesn’t take itself too seriously, encouraging listeners to let loose and dance to their own rhythm.

Formerly an actress, B O K E H has now embraced her musical identity, fashioning R&B-infused electropop with an enviable finesse. She ingeniously utilizes a kaleidoscope of analogue synths, self-made samples derived from iPhone field recordings, and drum beats reminiscent of the 80s and 90s.

Each piece of music she creates is an intimate glimpse into her musical cosmos, where genre-defying sounds converge and coalesce into a tapestry of emotion and melody.

B O K E H, also known as Chloë Lewer, anchors her music in confessional vocals. Her emotive voice, graced with a distinctive, emphatic vibrato, delivers repetitive lyrics sung like prayers, casting an inescapable veil of melancholy over her works.

It is her vocals that provide a cohesive element to the multifaceted soundscape, a potent center to the cinematic universe she weaves.

Starting her musical journey as a busker in 2011 in Berlin, B O K E H is now a force to be reckoned with in the electropop scene. She continues to make waves as an independent artist, releasing her music under her self-founded label Gloomstone Records.

B O K E H’s music draws inspiration from a plethora of talented artists including James Blake, L’impératrice, Okay Kaya, Beach House, Soko, Timi Yuro, Karen Dalton, Air, Kate Bush, Imogen Heap, Weval, and Billie Eilish. Her unique blend of influences shapes the distinct sound that sets B O K E H apart in the electropop genre.

With “encore”, B O K E H has once again demonstrated her versatility as a singer, producer, and video maker. This queer anthem is a testament to her continually evolving artistry and her steadfast commitment to advocating for self-expression and acceptance.

Brace yourself to dance and celebrate the beauty of being authentic with B O K E H’s “encore” below!


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