New Zealand Singer Taylor Roche Releases ‘lovemesober’

Taylor Roche, who is quickly rising to prominence as one of New Zealand’s most well-known TikTok personalities, is staying ahead of the curve in more ways than one by generating millions of views by creating viral films using trending noises.

With over 74k followers right now, Taylor is also making waves in the music industry. Although he has gained more notoriety for his humor and for turning audio recordings into popular videos, his most recent single, ” lovemesober” hasn’t gone unnoticed by his fan base.

“Lovemesober”, co-written and produced by key collaborator Joel Jones, is a follow-up to the crumbling relationship and mind games told in “day&night”, which received praise from Milky, MusicFeeds, AAA Backstage, and was playlisted on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’.

“lovemesober” is grounded by acoustic guitar and moves into more indie/pop territory, drawing from influences like Bazzi and The 1975.

On the making and inspiration behind the song, he says “it’s a song we wrote immediately after ‘day&night’ was released, and the story kind of picked up from where that left one off.It really focuses on the insecurities that are brought on by not knowing if it is love or just disguised by the euphoric nature of a night out.”

Taylor Roche has found his own authentic sound and platform and is working toward the release of an EP in 2023. If the numbers indicate anything, it’s that people seem to keep coming back for more.

Listen and enjoy the new release “lovemesober” below!


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