Philly R&B Powerhouse Suzanne Sheer Returns With ‘Feet Don’t Fail’

Suzanne Sheer is a sultry R&B powerhouse from Philadelphia who uses experimental electronic music to accompany her sexy and strange compositions. Her writings mend some of our most severe wounds and crush loneliness.

Sheer’s heartbreaking balladry and artistic pop sensibilities flawlessly sync with kaleidoscopic beats and slick production that might well make Timbaland proud thanks to dark synths and downright nasty drum and bass sounds.

In 2020, Suzanne started working on The Blue Hour in Watts Studio, a part of the well-known music venue Warehouse on Watts, alongside producers 3xpo and Lotits.

During this period, Cake, the production firm that would unite the energies of the recording studio and the music venue to form an independent record label, was being formed by 3xpo and his studio partner Max Morgan.

2022 has been a big year for Suzanne Sheer and the team supporting her, with the release of her debut album, the premiere of her first two music videos, a summer tour, endorsements from Milk Makeup, partnerships with Pepsi and the Philadelphia Eagles, and more.

The following single by Suzanne, “Feet Don’t Fail”, was created for the Eagles Gameday Poster Playlist provided by Pepsi, which was selected by Chill Moody of Philadelphia.

With rolling snares, fills, and cymbal crashes performed by Joey Stix, this epic song by 3xpo and Lotits pays homage to the struggles, victories, and setbacks of Suzanne’s musical journey so far.

Listen and enjoy the new drop “Feet Don’t Fail” below!


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