New Zealand Songstress MADELINE. Releases New Track ‘Still That Girl’

Today, London-based New Zealand artist MADELINE. has released her latest single, “Still That Girl.” This is the first in a series of singles she plans to release in 2024. The song delves into themes of love, loss, and nostalgia. With heartfelt lyrics and a captivating melody, “Still That Girl” encourages listeners to think about the complexities of relationships and the passage of time.

The track begins with a soft piano and plucked guitar, creating an intimate atmosphere. As the song progresses, it builds into an upbeat, danceable rhythm. The contrast between the quiet beginning and the energetic chorus highlights the emotional journey within the song.

MADELINE wrote the song herself, and it was produced by Jonny Avery in Wellington before she moved to London. Reflecting on the track, MADELINE. says, “I wanted to write a song that celebrated a relationship, even though it ended. The lyric ‘am I still that girl to you?’ highlights the battle of mourning a relationship, the self-growth from it, and the hope this person won’t forget the version of me I was when we were together.”

She adds, “The phrase ‘dancing on the line’ refers to two people living in the moment and having fun. However, they are also trying to make a relationship with a lot of history, distance, and idealism work for day-to-day life. It’s the idea that sometimes it’s easier to stay in that romanticized place, rather than crossing the line into reality.”

MADELINE.’s passion for music shines through in every note, reflecting her dedication and commitment. She draws inspiration from her own experiences and emotions, delivering a performance that is both authentic and energetic. The song also comes with a music video directed by Victoria Ellison and Madeline Berry.

“Still That Girl” marks a new chapter in MADELINE.’s journey as an artist. With its catchy hooks and energetic vibe, this single is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. Her soulful vocals and captivating performances have made her a rising star in the New Zealand music scene. Influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse, Arctic Monkeys, and Lady Gaga, MADELINE blends elements of R&B and pop to create music that is both timeless and contemporary.

Her music challenges listeners to explore their own emotions and experiences. When you listen to MADELINE.’s songs, you embark on a journey of self-discovery. It’s a journey where you confront your past, reflect on your experiences, and find yourself dancing through it all.

Get ready to be captivated by MADELINE.’s talent and immerse yourself in her music. “Still That Girl” is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen to “Still That Girl” below!


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