Kurran Karbal Returns With New Single ‘We Won’t Be Alone Forever’

Kurran Karbal is back with a new single titled “We Won’t Be Alone Forever.” This release marks his return to the music industry after facing personal challenges, including illness and heartbreak. Known for his work with the band Kurran and the Wolfnotes, Karbal’s latest track offers a fresh sound and heartfelt lyrics.

“We Won’t Be Alone Forever” is part of Karbal’s upcoming album, Dumb and Dhamma. This album reflects his journey of self-discovery and healing. The new single highlights his talent as both a songwriter and producer.

Kurran Karbal’s career began with Kurran and the Wolfnotes, a band praised by NME as heralding “the new school of Brit-Folk.” He later ventured into other projects, including his alter-ego Munkey Junkey. Despite his successes, Karbal faced significant personal challenges. He was diagnosed with cancer for a second time and experienced a painful breakup with his fiancée.

Seeking solace and inspiration, Karbal traveled to India. He practiced Vipassana meditation and began writing songs for his new album there. Dumb and Dhamma is a product of these experiences, blending introspection with creativity.

Karbal produced the album in his home studio over two years. The process allowed him to infuse each track with personal meaning. “We Won’t Be Alone Forever” stands out as a hopeful anthem, promising that loneliness is temporary. Its melodies and lyrics resonate with anyone who has faced isolation.

The upcoming album features 15 tracks, each with a unique story. Songs like “Maybe In Another Life” and “Annica” are uplifting, while others like “Elysium” and “Yasmin, I Love You” are deeply personal. Karbal wrote “Yasmin, I Love You” as a tribute to his sister, showing his ability to convey love and emotion through music.

In addition to his solo work, Karbal has collaborated with other artists. He played guitar, wrote music for Zuzu, and even composed for Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. His recent collaboration with Manchester hip-hop band OMA on a Mac DeMarco cover went viral on social media.

Kurran Karbal’s new single, “We Won’t Be Alone Forever,” is a testament to his resilience and talent. It offers a glimpse into his upcoming album, promising a collection of personal and relatable songs. The album, Dumb and Dhamma, is set to release in Autumn 2024 via XYZ123, a collective known for its non-genre conforming approach.

Karbal’s return to music is a reminder that even after hardship, creativity and hope can flourish. Fans and new listeners alike can look forward to experiencing his journey through his music.

Listen to “We Won’t Be Alone Forever” below!


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