Newcomer Jay Zen Shares First Single ‘Lows’ Featuring Jxbreel | Music News


Lows” is the debut single of Florida native newcomer and rap artist Jay Zen in collaboration with Jxbreel. The powerful hip hop ballad with pop elements tells the story about two friends having a therapy session where one is talking about his concerns and downs in life.


Jay Zen wrote this song in collaboration with his good friend the Pensacola based artist Jxbreel. They have been making music together for years and are excited for marking an important step in their initial career and the opportunity to share art with the world.


Together they offer a versatile downtempo track with conscious rap vocals, acoustic guitar rides and electric synthesizers. Furthermore they added simple yet relaxing and harmonic piano chords.
With the tune they break boundaries between genres and expand on the usual rap music has to offer.


“Lows” is almost 5 minutes long and takes the listener on a journey to Jay Zen and Jxbreel’s thoughts and inner conflicts. The song is suitable for anyone who is looking for new rap music apart from mainstream songs everyone knows. This first single is only a preface of much more music to come and a first insight in the talent and creativity Jay Zen and Jxbreel have to offer.




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